Arizona Western Fixture & Display Solutions

At Arizona Western Fixture and Display, Inc., we’re known for our high quality design and craftsmanship. We always put our client’s needs first when it comes to determining materials and creating custom designs in order to meet and exceed their expectations. Take a look at some of our past projects that use a variety of materials to deliver stunning retail and commercial environment transformations.


At Arizona Western Fixture and Display, Inc. we pride ourselves on offering innovative, custom, reliable and eco-friendly pieces of work. We take the utmost care when constructing products to not only ensure the quality of the product but also to ensure that our creations have minimal to no impact on the environment. We work with our supplies who provide us with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood. We use water-based, low VOC coatings on our products.


We use laminate to create a wide variety of sleek, professional designs. Laminate is a long-lasting solution that can transform a variety of surfaces. Because laminate is so durable, it is an excellent choice for cabinets, countertops, and other frequently used surfaces. With the ability to imitate the look of other materials at less cost, laminate is also a very versatile option that allows for many unique designs. 


Our team of skilled artists and craftsmen can create innovative glass designs for commercial and retail environments. Our past projects have included elegant glass accents for desks, dividers, and more. Our glass projects are crafted with care to deliver beautiful, high quality designs.


Metal furniture and fixtures are a simple and environmentally friendly way to transform any space. Our metal projects offer sharp, clean designs for diverse commercial and retail spaces. 

We provide unique and innovative metal designs, including metal cabinets, desks, and decorative accents. Our skilled team can manufacture a wide variety of custom metal creations.

Work Surfaces

From office desks to coffee bars, commercial and retail environments require a wide range of surfaces. The skilled team of artists, craftsmen and staff professionals at Arizona Western Fixture and Display, Inc., work together with every client to ensure they get the highest quality work surface designs. We manage projects that result in functional, unique work surfaces by using innovative combinations of materials.

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